About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of progressive professionals with decades of experience working with political- and issues-based campaigns. At TruBlu, we know that elections matter and we’re passionate about our work and clients because we are on the frontlines of political and social change. Each election cycle is a chance to move the ball forward, and we’re dedicated to ensuring our clients are positioned to succeed at the ballot box.


What We Do

As the one-stop shop for all of your consulting needs, we offer individualized solutions designed around your campaign. We know there is not a “one-size fits all” model to campaigns and work with our clients to create comprehensive and data driven strategies designed based on their specific needs. From public opinion research to fundraising and direct-mail campaigns, we’re experts in identifying and executing the strategies you need to succeed.


How We Do It

We think creatively. At TruBlu, we act as a conduit between our clients and the tools and strategies they need to win. By focusing on your specific needs, we are able to draw upon our decades of experience and offer strategies designed around your individualized needs.